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Byteamwebriti Jul 13, 2017

Best minimal building is going to develop.

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Byteamwebriti Sep 8, 2015

Aside Format

it usually appears without a title, date, or any other metadata that a regular blog post might have. The emphasis is on the content itself, keeping it concise and to the point.

Byteamwebriti Sep 8, 2015

Video Format

Post format allows you to embed a video into your content. This is an example of a video post format displayed in the slider with an excerpt added.

Byteamwebriti Sep 8, 2015

Quote Format

The “Quote” format is used for quotations, especially when a user wants to just share a quote that is not within a standard post or article. A user may decide to add or wrap a quote around <blockquote> HTML tag.

Quote Format

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